​ Creating a Sustainable Destination

      in the Warm Heart of Africa

Creating a Sustainable Destination in the

               Warm Heart of Africa


Otters Point

Kayak on Lake Malawi

Mountain view

Things To Do

The missionary graves, Otters Point, Mwala Wa Mphini and the islands Thumbi, Domwe and Mumbo are the top attractions in Cape Maclear. All these are in the Lake Malawi National Park so will charge you US$10 per person per day.

The main attraction of Cape Maclear is its pristine beach and the different adventure sports. The lake also offers opportunities for diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing and kayaking for the adventurous tourists. There are also the following options:

  • Dinner with a local family. The Malawian people are known for their warm heart! We invite you to join a family for a traditional Malawian meal in their home in beautiful Cape Maclear. Diners will experience Malawian food, made by the women who cook it best. Be welcomed into their home and be entertained with interesting conversations. It is a real cultural experience. Please call Lackson to make a reservation.
  • Boat trip to one of the islands and Otters Point. Enjoy snorkelling, watch the fish eagles and enjoy a beach barbeque with the Cape Maclear Tour Guiders Association.
  • Sunset cruise to get an amazing sunset from the best vantage point.
  • Kayak to Thumbi Island or Otters Point and be alone on the lake and get a true feeling of a natural area.
  • Trial walks to Otters Point or hike to Nkhunguni hills to get a great view of Cape Maclear from the mountain as well seeing many of the bird species and some monkeys.
  • Fish ​on the lake with some local fishermen and try your hand at catching a chambo for lunch or the Lake Malawi Tiger Fish.
  • Hippo viewing and local dancing at Kasankha. Stop in Kasankha village to see the “Gule Wamkulu” (local dance).
  • Scuba diving
  • Yoga, Pilates or massages 
  • Village tour, you can also do this with your local family.
  • Mwala Wa Mphini, massive rock. You can walk the 4km to this National Monument from the village.

Food and drinks
All the lodges in Cape Maclear offer food and drinks. There are also a few local bar and restaurants: Banapaya, Thomas’s Grocery, Makata. Other local bars: Uncle Charlos, Chiwaya bar (beach boy bar), Manda (lewis bar), Njoka bar and Singini bar.

There are also street vendors who sell french fries along the main road. They fry it in front of you, which make it a great snack. Remember to tell them to fry “brown” otherwise it tends to become soggy. It is also possible to buy fish on the beach and ask your home family to cook it for dinner.

All over the village there are retailors. You can buy different types of fabrics which you can then have your own clothes made from.

Every Saturday there is a market near the primary school where they sell second hand clothes. Near Uncle Charlos there is a market where they sell fruit, vegetables, clothes and more.

There are around 50 different souvenir shops all around the village.

There are some other shops where you can buy basics like bread, water, toiletries, candy, crisps and cigarettes.

Sunset Cruise