Is there an ATM in Cape Maclear?

No, there are no ATM's in Cape Maclear. The nearest is in Monkey Bay, around 18km away, but this ATM doesn't always work. Mangochi would be the next closet one.

Are there any supermarkets in Cape Maclear?

There are no supermarkets but there are some other shops where you can buy basics like bread, water, toiletries, candy, crisps and cigarettes. Seasonal fruit and vegetables can be bought in the village also

Is Wi-Fi available at the lodges?

Some lodges do offer Wi-Fi or you can purchase Hotspot from the lodges for a fee. Do expect this to drop when the power goes, which happens most days. You can also purchase Airtel sims here and buy various bundles.

What is the best way to get to Cape Maclear?

You can get here by taxi or motorbike or public transport from Monkey Bay. Currently the road in between these towns is a dirt road. It is advised not to travel at night. 

Is there a clinic in town?

​Yes there is the Billy Riordan Clinic but there is no pharmacy. The clinic can sell you Bilharzia treatment and can help treat Malaria. Tourists are charged a fee that is reclaimable on your travel insurance. 

Can you drink the tap water?

​It is advised not to drink the tap water as it will most likely come straight from the lake. Bottled water can we purchased everywhere in town. 

How safe is Cape Maclear?

​Cape Maclear is extremely safe and you can walk around freely at night. However you should still be sensible.