​ Creating a Sustainable Destination

      in the Warm Heart of Africa

Creating a Sustainable Destination in the

               Warm Heart of Africa

Cape Maclear Hotel 1949.

Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear is Located at the southern-most end of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Cape Maclear is an area of exceptional natural beauty and natural history with clear sparkling waters, rugged hills,vast sandy beaches and an amazing community.

Cape Maclear or Chembe village  as it is sometimes known is a traditional fishing village on the shores of Lake Malawi and it has  become Malawi's must go tourism destination in the last few years. Once you are here you will see why, it is the perfect combination of tourism and village life. 


People have moved in and out of Cape Maclear since the late Stone Age and it became populated during the time of the Livingstonia Mission between 1875 and 1881. Cape Maclear was first seen by David livingstone on the Zambezi Expedition between 1858 and 1864 when he was heading north. . This is when they named it Cape Maclear after Sir Thomas Maclear , the Astronomer royal at the cape of good hope. David livingstone himself never actually made it to Cape Maclear. 


Tourism Cape Maclear

Tourism in Cape Maclear started in the 1940's with the Cape Maclear Hotel and has grown slowly over the last 80 years to where we are today, with 32 different accomadation options for you to choose from. 

Tourism in Cape Maclear has managed to grow and work with the village to create a unique environment where tourists and locals can come together. Cape Maclear offers you a variety of accommodation types, from lodges, home stays, hostels and camping. Step out into the village where you can go for dinner with  a local family or eat and drink in local bars and restaurants.

Sunset over West Thumbi Island

Fish drying in the sun

Otter's Point