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Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations...


cape maclear

  1. As part of Lake Malawi National Park, Cape Maclear boasts various activities. Take a boat cruise or kayak to one of the many stunning islands such as Domwe or West Thumbi. Snorkel or dive in the 3rd largest freshwater lake in Africa or hike up a mountain to get a bird’s eye view of this breath-taking town.
  2. WILDLIFE. Hippos, African Fish Eagles and monkeys. It’s also home to more species of fish than any other lake, including at least 700 species of cichlids.
  3. Cape Maclear has no boundaries or fences. You are totally immersed in the community. Take one of the many workshop classes to see how the locals recycle paper, make jewellery from magazines or go for a cooking lesson with a local family.
  4. The shopping here various from tailor-made Chitenge to bespoke earrings, handmade wood crafts and upcycled glass products. Most of which can be purchased in the Recycling Shop. 
  5. Cape Maclear and Lake Malawi National Park are a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, one of 209 sites in the world chosen for its natural beauty.

World Heritage

Sustainable Cape Maclear Project

Find out more about the vision and mission of the Sustainable Cape Maclear Project... 

Mission and vision

Since the opening of the Cape Maclear recycling centre in January 2017, the community has come on in leaps and bounds. Not only has it encouraged to keep the community clean, created jobs, educated the locals on its importance but it has also created the recycling shop. 

The shop has been open since August 2017 and is situated between Mphipe and Indaba Lodge on the main village road. The shop is run by three local women, Mery Kalitera, Girinisi Switch and Enala Chataika. They make products from recycled material and are responsible for the running and the finances of the shop. Each item sold in the shop includes its own (recycled) piece of paper with the breakdown of cost. 

The recycling centre takes all waste and recyclables from the lodges and will eventually move onto local bars, the markets and the entire community. Ultimately, we are trying to gradually build awareness about the correct disposal of garbage in the community. We currently collect three times a week from the lodges, where the recyclables are sorted and handed over to the people making products for the shop.


Cape Maclear is a rural destination; it has mountains and Lake Malawi...

team members from left to right; 

Mr. Dyce Allan Kamwana, Mr. Peter Debrine, Ms. Yvette Kaboza, Mr. James Rebanks, Mr. Alex Benson Chunga, Mr. Alan Joffe, Mr. William Oscar Mgoola, Mr. McPhillip Rosary Mwithokona, Ms. Constance Makonokaya, Ms. Pamela Mac Quilkan, Mr. Patrick Chinguwo, Mr. Franklyn Nyirenda, Mr. Lackson William Maliwanda, Mr. Medson Gregory John Makuru and Nony Andriamirado

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