​ Creating a Sustainable Destination

      in the Warm Heart of Africa

Creating a Sustainable Destination in the

               Warm Heart of Africa


Top 5 reasons to come to Cape Maclear:

1.   As part of Lake Malawi National Park, Cape Maclear boasts various activities. Take a boat cruise or kayak to one of the many stunning islands such as Domwe or West Thumbi. Snorkel or dive in the 3rd largest freshwater lake in Africa or hike up a mountain to get a bird’s eye view of this breathtaking town.

2.   WILDLIFE. Hippos, African Fish Eagles and monkeys. It’s also home to more species of fish than any other lake, including at least 700 species of cichlids.

3.   Cape Maclear has no boundaries or fences. You are totally immersed in the community. Take one of the many workshop classes to see how the locals recycle paper, make jewelry from magazines or go for a cooking lesson with a local family. 

4.   The shopping here various from tailor-made Chitenge to bespoke earrings, handmade wood crafts and upcycled glass products. Most of which can be purchased in the Recycling Shop. 

5.   Cape Maclear and Lake Malawi National Park are a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, one of 209 sites in the world chosen for its natural beauty.

Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.

Our Mission: To create a tourism destination in Cape Maclear and surrounding areas that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts  while addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and the community. 

Our Vision: To make Lake Malawi National Park and World Heritage site a premier tourism destination, where all people living, working, investing and visiting actively participate in the conservation of its outstanding universal value while equitably benefiting from it, creating a vibrant and enjoyable destination for present and future generations.

Our Goals:

  • To improve the economic status of community members
  • To educate the communities on environmental issues and health
  • To protect the Outstanding Universal values of the national park (Cichlids and forests)
  • To have all businesses and private residents actively participate in the community and the environment.
  • To Improve the health and social well being of the community
  • To provide an inclusive tourism destination in Cape Maclear  
  • To improve the tourism infrastructure 

​Goals explained:
To improve the economic status of community members
SCM will be providing alternate forms of involvement in the tourism industry such the recycling shop, garbage collection, paper making lessons, jewelry making lessons, pot making lessons, art lessons, drumming lessons, dinner and cooking lessons, homestay options and weaving lessons.

To educate the communities on environmental issues and health
SCM will provide education on various issues based on the environment and health of the community.
We will be educating through theater groups for the schools and for the community members on a regular basis. We will be working closely with the clinic and Dept. of National Parks and Wildlife or health and environmental issues.

To protect the outstanding universal values of the National Park
SCM will be working towards protection the National park and world heritage site through raising the economic and social standards of the village and through education. We also be providing assistance to MNPW to help in maintaining the OUV and increasing patrols in the OUV.

To have all businesses and private residents actively participate in the community and the protection of the environment.
As we are a very diverse community with different skills and abilities we are hoping that all people living and working in Cape Maclear will offer their specific skills, time and expertise to help benefit the community as a whole.

To Improve the health and social wellbeing of the community
SCM will be working closely with the clinic and other public health organisations to help educate the community on basic health and hygiene such as hand washing, correct disposal of rubbish and basic disease prevention.

To provide an inclusive tourism destination in Cape Maclear
SCM hopes that through the correct application of the above and the involvement of the whole community we can create a tourism destination that is sustainable and will stand in the world as a truly great destination.

World Heritage Site

Cape Maclear is a rural destination; it has mountains and Lake Malawi. Located in the South-western part of Lake Malawi, Lake Malawi National Park is the smallest of Malawi’s National Parks but perhaps the most ecologically important. 

We are offering different workshops, with fair prices. Like Jefferson is giving a paper making workshop and Shakespeare makes beads out of old magazines. Jefferson and Shakespeare are using the waste that is gathered at the recycle centre.